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We all make mistakes, learn to let go!

Making mistakes is inevitable in every aspect of our lives.

It's painful when we know that there is something we could have done better or differently. Maybe you made a mistake when training your horse or missed an important meeting. Let's face it, these things will happen. If you are anything like me, that mistakes stick in your mind and nags you in the future. Those mistakes start to build up like a wall and can prevent you from pushing boundaries because you want to stay in your safe zone. Over time I've learned some ways to overcome beating myself. I hope that they can help you too.

Recognize the mistake and think about what you can do to resolve it. Sometimes it is good to sit on the mistake for a few hours, or longer to feel all your feelings and then react. Taking a step back from situations can give you a clearer perspective unclouded by emotion.

Research. Learn what you could have done better. Sometimes there's nothing you could have done to change the situation and that's okay. However if you do discover you could have done something differently, there is no shame in changing your opinion or techniques after learning new information.

Act. You can't change the past, but you can change how you can be better in the future or reconcile your mistake. Own up to your mistake rather than making excuses. Becoming defensive is just a mechanism to protect your ego. It's okay to be vulnerable. Talk to those effected. Change your training method.

Let go. If you did everything you can to correct your mistake and now know what you need to do in the future, it's time to leave your mistake in the past. Think about your mistake in a balloon above your head. Imagine letting it go off into space. Or if you like a little more spark, imagine it in a cardboard box and tossing it into a bonfire. It does no good to beat yourself up after you've done everything in your power to fix the situation. You can't change what other's think about you, and their emotions are there's to cope with. You can only control your actions and thoughts.

How you react, admit, change, and let go are what matter.


Beth C

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