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Meet Beth

I'm Beth Chadbourne, the owner of Pictorial Tales Photography.  I've always chosen careers that allowed me to use my sensitivity.  Before I was a photographer, I was a professional musician.  Playing in an orchestra is much like photography. A musician constantly has to be aware of their surroundings with ears, eyes and heart completely open. I believe that capturing moments with your horse is similar to playing an instrument. It is not just about snapping a pretty image or playing the melody.


When photographing horses I am patient. Together we will set the stage for that special moment with you and your equine partner.  Whether you are riding a dressage test, jumping an oxer or sharing a quiet snuggle at sunset with your horse, you can trust that your perfect moment will not be missed. Let's create the most meaningful images of you and your horse, with creativity, sensitivity, equine intuition and emotional vulnerability.



I had a pony named Chocolate when I was a child. That little brown appaloosa sparked a fire in me that nothing could smother. For as long as I can remember, when my mind would wander, I'd be thinking abut galloping through a forest with fantasy music somewhere in the background. So, guess what the first thing I did was when I moved out on my own? You guessed it!  I rescued a horse.


Khali, being my first horse as an adult, became my entire world. I spent years rehabilitating her and I started taking progress photos of her as often as I could. Quickly, my passion for photography and horses merged. I wanted to take as many pictures of my sweet hose that I could manage.  I knew that someday if I didn't have any photos of her, it would be my biggest regret. Having the ability to capture her soft nose, long whiskers, thick winter coat has always been such a comfort to me.  Now, equine photography is a gift that I am so grateful to be able to share with others. 

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