Massachusetts Equine Photographer

Massachusetts Equine Photographer

Equine Equestrian and Horse Photography Boston Massachusetts

Welcome to
Pictorial Tales Photography!

Hi! I'm Bethani Chadbourne, the owner of Pictorial Tales Photography.  I'm an artistic and empathetic photographer who not only captures the remarkable features of your horse, but also deep and profound emotion. If you are a horse owner like myself, you understand the enveloping love one has for their horse.


Let's capture your horse's distinctive characteristics and your special, authentic bond. Being able to pause these sentimental moments in time creates a memory you can physically hold, or decorate your home with that will last for generations. I'm committed to creating your art with the utmost artistic integrity. Let's invest in your memories without compromise.


"To see the wind's power,

the rain's cleansing and the

sun's radiant life, 
one need only to look at

the horse."